Friday, November 24, 2006

My message about my website

This is my website about me.

I am in fith grade.

I am going to be posting things all about me.
I got a new dog, Frinkles

Keep checking back to find out more about me!


  1. Schroedter, you have such a cool website. I will check it every day.
    Love, Dad.

  2. Very very cool Schroedter! I still don't have a blog, so you beat me to it!
    Aunt Kathy

  3. What a wonderful blog, Schroedter! I will be reading it every day!!

    Much love,

    Uncle Ian

  4. Hi, Schroedter!

    Your blog is mighty cool, keep it up-to-date so we all can know what you're doing. We will check it every day too!! Love you lots and can't wait to see you. Love, Grampy and Grammy