Friday, February 16, 2007


I sparred last night.

Sparring is when you compete with other people in your karate class to practice karate.

As soon as you enter the ring, you bow. Then you bow to your teacher. Then you bow to your opponent. Then you shake hands. Then you get in a fighting stance and you either throw three types of punches or three kicks. The three punches are normal punch, reverse punch and head/body punch. The kicks are front kick, side kick and roundhouse kick. A successful above-the-belt kick is two points. A punch is one point.

I sparred three people and I won two out of three. The third person was a yellow belt with a black stripe, and I was leading but then he got ahead of me and it was hard to score more points. If you are interested in taking karate, ask me. You will learn a lot of karate. I'm just a white belt, and I know a lot of karate -- and I've only been there for three months and one day!

My promotion test, which means I'll go to a yellow belt, is in April.


  1. You rock, Schroedter! Soon you will be a black belt and can help me walk the streets of New York keeping them safe and free of crime!

    Much love,

    Uncle Ian