Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cahokia last week

A week ago I went to Cahokia. Cahokia is in consiville IL.It is where a lot of mounds are and that's not it, there used to be an entire civilization there and it was ran by one person,the great chief A.K.A the great sun he was thought to be the sun's brother.

The civilization lasted about 1000 years. YOU can guess how all the people died .nobody really knows how they died. So leave a comment telling me how YOU think they all died.

P.S you will see a sign telling which way to Cahokia [in consivill]


  1. Great post,Schroedter.I loved going to Cahokia with you!

    I think they died because a dragon came and ate them all.

    Love, Dad.

  2. Schroedter, as you and I both know it wasn't the dragons, it was the DINOSAURS!

    The residents of Cahokia kept dinosaurs as pets, and everything was going great, until the dinosaurs realized, "Hey, we can be more than just pets!"

    So the dinosaurs rebelled against the people in Cahokia. Many were eaten and the dinosaurs thought the people in Cahokia were most tasty. Yum Yum!

    The remaining people in Cahokia moved away from the city to seek shelter from the crazy dinosaurs. Eventually they settled in Brooklyn, a part of the country known to be dinosaur-free. And they lived happily ever after.

    And the dinosaurs? Well since their dinner had moved to Brooklyn, they decided to leave this planet and settle on the moon (If you look closely you can still see their footprints on the surface of the moon!) Some say that they are planning to return, even to Brooklyn! But that is another story...

    -Uncle Ian