Thursday, March 19, 2009

M-I-A-M-I MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday my family and I went to Miami beach at 3:10 p.m. For the first time we didn't have any luggage to put into the plane,we just had carry on bags. When we got there we got dinner from premo's pizza, which is a carry out pizza place. Then we went to our condo and ate our pizza. The next day we woke up and after about an hour we went to our condo's pool. After that we went to the beach. There weren't many big waves, actually the biggest one I saw was about 4-6 feet high(not a very big wave).After that we went home and watched Space Chimps on demand. Then we went to bed. The next day we looked outside,it was cloudy.So we hung around for a while until mom thought we should go to a movie. That sounded like a good idea so dad and I dropped our rummy game cards (we had been having a tournament)and went to a movie.We saw Race to Witch Mountain.It is about two alien kids that look like kids from earth,but they have special powers.Seth can change his density so he can walk through walls and get hit by bullets without getting hurt.His sister of which I have forgotten her name can control things with her mind(she was Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia). But what happens in the movie is the aliens have to get some device that shows earth has oxygen and can sustain life so they can bring it to there dying planet with a poisonous atmosphere to save it.But there planets army has another idea.They want to take over earth.So The children aliens must find the device and find their crashed spaceship,Which is hidden in Witch mountain,a extremely protected place and has the same idea as area51.So you get it,a lot of adventure and action.After that we went to the best restaurant in the world. It's called Big Pink and it serves everything.finally we went back to the condo and my dad did some brackets for the basketball tournament that starts today.Then we went to sleep. When I woke up this morning I knew I was going down to the keys of Florida.Who knows what will happen there today.

On the first day we got to the keys we had lunch, then we went swimming at a swimming pool place the size of about a quarter of the mall in Washington D.C! After hanging out there for a few hours we went home(we were staying at a friend of my parents' house). When we got there we played the oddest Scrabble game of my life.You could put 'za and other two letter slang words and further more you could put zz which"means" sleep. then we took a picture of the board.Then we talked or watched the NCAA basketball tournament, then we went to sleep. The next day I got dressed and waited,then we went swimming Then we fed some fish, some people threw the small dead fish to the huge fish,others held their fish over the pond and the fish would jump out and grab the small fish.Then a pelican got a fish out of my brothers hand and some skin of him to!!! After that we went out for ice cream and went back the condo.
That night my brother kept turning over,sleeping on the bed sideways and putting his feet on my pillow. It was a rough night so I went into my mom and dad's room and slept there. That morning I had a different breakfast than usual, I had a egg and cheese burrito! Then we went to the beach. It had very choppy waves so I had fun throwing myself into them. Then we went back and had lunch.After that my dad and I played rummy and go fish.Then we went to the pool.We did the same thing the day after. After that day we went to the Murphys' condo we had breakfast,then we went to the ocean and I got hurt by a feather the other day(really)and it hurt when I went into the water. so I sat out sort of.Then we went to the pool and it went nine feet down.We played different games that are played in the water.then we went to lunch and played crazy eights,I had a salad.Then we went to the beach and played in the waves until we went back to their condo and played a card game.Then we went to the condo.The last day we went to the beach,then the the beach we went on a huge island of rocks. at the pool my brother and I chased my dad.After that we had lunch and went to the airport.I fell asleep on the plane once or twice. then we finally arrived back home, at ST.Louis Missouri.

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