Friday, December 22, 2006

My birthday was yesterday!

Yesterday, I went to the Science Center for my birthday. I turned eight yesterday. I invited two friends - Ethan
XXXXXX and Jack. Ethan gave me a set of snowmen that you can put paint in and make colorful paintings. He also gave me a book called "The Way the Universe Works" and last, he gave me a map of puzzles for the USA. Jack gave me the game, Risk.

I saw an OmniMax movie called "Greece." It was about ancient Greece. I went to the planetarium, and I saw a star show. It talked about the night sky and eclipses. I went to an exhibit called Lego MindStorms. You have to get your robot past obstacles and get some balls that a dragon is guarding, and you can either make light, box it, or shoot arrows at it, and you have to do all of that by programming it on a computer. But you don't program the dragon. We also made an arch out of blocks, and I kicked the arch down on my friends ... but they wanted it to fall on them, so that's actually OK.

When I got home, my dad taught me how to play Risk, and I won that game! And my presents were a red sleeping bag (from Grandma and Grandpa Ray), a Yahtzee Turbo (from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Brayer), a football (from my little brother), some collectable coins (from Grandma Jayne), some clothes, a book and a 3-D wooden puzzle of the Empire State Building (from Uncle Ian and Aunt Kathy), and Grammy and Grampy will let me pick one thing from anywhere we go for a souvenir. We're going to Arizona tomorrow. When I get back, we are going to buy a new bicycle for me from Mom and Dad.

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  1. Wow, Schroedter, sounds like you had a great birthday, filled with science, your favorite subject! Grandpa Ray and I hope you enjoy your sleeping bag and will get to use it on a camping trip this year. Have good Christmas in Arizona. I bet Grammy and Grampy can tell you lots of things about the stars while you're there, since they're experts on that topic. Love, Grandma